Best SEO Company in USA: Previous Google Updates

June 2021 Core Update

The June 2021 algorithmic update was announced by Google and took place over several days. It was called June 2021 Core Update and mainly concerns YMYL sites (with sensitive information) and sites whose quality is considered low by the Best SEO company in USA.

January 2020 Core Update

With the January 2020 update, Google wants to improve the presentation of search results in the SERP. This update notably removed the double presence on the page and in position 0. The design and UX of the results are improved with:

  • displaying the favicon in the SERP
  • presentation of the full URL of the page
  • the presence of breadcrumbs
  • the title of the page highlighted
  • bolding of keywords present in the meta description
  • the presentation of site links

Google is once again seeking to give Internet user all the information so that they can make the right choice. The search engine wants to limit backtracking on the SERP after a user clicks on a result.

BERT in 2019

The year 2019 was marked by several updates to the Google algorithm. BERT is an update very important which took place in October 2019. BERT allows you to better understand complex content. Pandu Nayak from Google presents it as one of the biggest leaps forward in the last 5 years for the Mountain View firm. This update concerns the understanding of indexed content. This is the continuation of previous developments on semantics and language. BERT deals with the subtleties and complexity of content. Words are no longer analyzed one after the other. They will be analyzed as a coherent whole in their own right. With this update, Google is seeking to further improve its understanding of complex sentences and content. It also allows you to link sentences together, which makes it possible to understand the use of pronouns or homonyms in long paragraphs. With BERT, Google wants to improve the quality of the response it offers to the Internet user. Understanding complex sentences also allows you to approach the notion of feelings (likes/dislikes).

Best SEO Company in USA: September 2019 Core Update

For the first time, Google announced this update in advance on September 24 on its Twitter account. This update highlights video results in a carousel to the detriment of organic text results. As has been the case for a long time now, the September 2019 Core update aims to better recognize the quality of content.

Diversity Core Update in 2019

This update from June 2019 impacts the display of results in the SERP. The objective is to limit the number of URLs from the same domain for a given query. Google wants to give Internet user the choice by presenting them with 7 to 10 different results. It’s up to the Internet user to choose and Google wants to leave them free to make this choice.

June 2019 Core Update

In June 2019, Google deployed an update that aims to improve the overall quality of search results. Accessibility for the Internet user is becoming a major issue for the search engine. The main criteria of the June 2019 Core Update are:

  • loading speed and navigation fluidity
  • a global response and the relevance of the content in the theme
  • the notions of UX and UI
  • Full Responsive Design
Rank Brain in 2015

SEO Company in USA explains about Rank Brain, is somewhat of a sequel to Hummingbird. This update serves to improve the relevance of search results using artificial intelligence. Indeed, with the development of so-called long-tail searches linked to voice searches, Google is encountering an increasingly large share of new queries. Around 15% of monthly queries had never been made via the search engine. Searches are formulated in a conversational way, with connecting words and no longer as a series of words. Rank Brain allows Google to seek to know the user’s intention behind the query formulated. What is the Internet user really looking for? Whether the request is formulated implicitly or explicitly, Google increasingly wants to be a response engine. And that’s why,

Rank Brain is based on artificial intelligence and allows algorithms to understand:

  • the use of synonyms
  • the use of pronouns
  • conversational searches
  • complex sentences
Mobile First Index in 2016, 2019 and 2020

To follow the Mobile Friendly algorithm update, Google announces that the mobile version of a site becomes the standard version of the site. The sites will therefore be crawled by mobile bots as a priority. This development is very important technically and is being rolled out slowly by Google. The objective is to give webmasters time to prepare for this change in philosophy. The content present on the site and accessible on mobile will be used by the ranking algorithm. From September 2020, the entire web will be crawled with mobile bots. The technical requirements of the site and its contents must be designed for consumption from a mobile medium. It is a way of supporting changes in the use of our societies.

Mobile Friendly in 2015

Google anticipates the future importance of mobile traffic well in advance, as usual. With this update, the American giant indicates that desktop sites must imperatively adapt to mobile browsing. This is a turning point for SEOs who until now focused on the desktop version of the site. Google thus forces sites to adapt to changes in Internet users’ behavior with mobility.

Google Hummingbird in 2013

Hummingbird is the beginning of semantic search. With this update, Google wants to better understand oral searches. The search engine thus seeks to better respond to the full meaning of conversational queries. This is a major evolution in the algorithm’s philosophy since Google Colibri begins to draw the user intent of a query. Keywords become less central in favor of the overall meaning of the sentence.

Evergreen in 2013

With this update, Google will favor articles that persist over time. Evergreen will give importance to in-depth articles. This update completes Google Panda by adding a notion of length and timelessness to content. Google, beyond the quality of content, will want to evaluate whether the subject is covered in depth or partially. Is the article exhaustive? Is the response or point of view developed timeless or subject to current events?

Google Panda in 2011

The algorithm underwent a major evolution in 2011 with Google Panda. For Google, this involves integrating the notion of content quality into its algorithm. The Panda algorithm allows you to analyze and better understand the content of the pages. It is also the starting point for the study of Internet user behavior on SERP and machine learning. Panda is updated in 2015 and then integrated into the main algorithm in 2016.

Google Panda marks a real breakthrough and the starting point of the notion of content quality for the algorithm.

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