5 facts about Microblading that people should know about

Your eyebrows frame your facial features distinguishably. So they are an essential part of the face. Nowadays, permanent eyebrow makeup is becoming popular. Eyebrow embroidery, which is also known as microblading in Ann Arbor, is a new technology for reshaping brows to make them look perfect. It offers a safe and proven method to have long-lasting realistic eyebrows.

If you plan on doing this eyebrow makeover, then you should know some facts related to it, which will help you to make the right decision. So you won’t regret it later. People suggest hiring professionals in Ann Arbor, USA. You can also prefer them as they are highly rated and trusted by their customers.

Here are five facts you should be aware of before moving forward with the brow-enhancing procedure.

Fact-1: Slightly painful

You may have heard from some people that microblading is painless, while others think it is painful. Do not worry, it does not hurt that much. Your dermatologist will apply a numbing cream before starting the treatment. It depends on your sensitivity to pain whether it hurts or not during the process. It can be slightly painful, but it is bearable.

Fact 2: Darker eyebrows after the treatment

Do not be alarmed if the shade of your brows becomes extra dark after the treatment. This is completely normal. Once the pigments have settled, your brows will automatically begin to heal, and they will lighten on their own within a few days.

Fact 3: Strictly follow the aftercare tips

If you want the longevity of your brows, then follow the aftercare instructions strictly. Do not let your brows scab or get wet for 5 to 10 days. You may experience itching and swelling during the healing period. Do not sunbathe or go swimming. It is necessary to take post-procedural care properly.

Fact 4: It is semi-permanent

It is a myth that shaping or enhancing eyebrows is permanent. No, it is not. Like any other cosmetic tattoo, this one will fade with time. It only lasts 2 to 3 years, depending on your skin type. You will need to retouch the procedure afterwards to maintain the shape of your brows. Professionals in Ann Arbor who perform microblading are well-established, certified and trained. You can consider them for getting your brow work done.

Fact-5: Not suitable for everyone

It is recommended not to perform Microblading Ann Arbor if you have skin with rosacea. It would lead to various skin problems such as inflammation, irritation, allergy and infection. You should consult your dermatologist or your doctor beforehand. Also, it is not advised to do cosmetic tattooing during pregnancy.

Final Overvieww

These are facts to consider if you’re thinking about getting microblading in Ann Arbor done. When your eyebrows are beautified, you do not have to apply makeup every time. This semi-permanent makeover will save you time and money on buying eye makeup kits.

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