5 Simple Steps to Ace the PTE Scores

In today’s era of competition, many international students have dreams of studying abroad in prestigious universities. And one way to achieve that is by qualifying the proficiency tests to assess English language proficiency. Today in this article we are going to talk about one of these tests which is the Pearson Test of English commonly known as PTE.

PTE is one of the most popular proficiency tests that measures and assesses the examinee’s overall English language proficiency. Unlike other popular tests, PTE is known for its duration, it just requires a single sitting to be completed.

Moreover, PTE nails in providing accurate, fast, and objective results. The score of this test is generally accepted by 3,300+ universities and colleges worldwide. To decode the test, it is important to follow the right strategy.  So, let us discuss the 5 simple steps to hike your PTE score and crack the test.

5 Simple Steps to Score High in the PTE

  1. To Know the Target Score

To start well, it is important to analyze your current proficiency in the English language and to achieve the score that your shortlisted universities demand. You can practice mock tests which will help you to evaluate your current score. Also, it will individually show you the score for the communicative skillset which includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thus, it will help you to introspect your lacunas, to improve and work on them accordingly. 

2. Analyze the Test Format

Pen down the structure of the PTE test for better comprehension. It is crucial for an examinee to understand the format and type of questions for better results.

Explore the test format given below:

  • Part I: Speaking and Writing
  • Part II: Reading
  • Part III: Listening

To familiarize yourself with the test, keep your approach methodical
Understand the quantity: You should know the number of parts, and the questions that the test includes.

Understand the instructions: You should thoroughly know the task completion for each type of question. And also, in what way your responses are getting recorded?

Calculate the length and time: Know the time for each part of the test and the time allotted for each question.

3. Understand the PTE Test Scoring

The test is evaluated by Artificial intelligence to avoid human error. This is to ensure that every test is examined accurately and fairly.  The score report is compiled which is accompanied by the skills profile. Thus, it will be shared with you after the completion of the exam.  

There are two sections in your score report, your overall score i.e., the main PTE score that is graded between 10 and 90. The other section is on communicative skills, these are the score given to the individual proficiency skills which includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Grading for each is between 10 and 90.  

4. Know the Right Resources to Study

If you are intrigued to know some of the popular resources, you can opt for various popular PTE online coaching courses. This will help you to prepare well and maximize your score. Apart from this, self-preparation plays a huge role in getting the expected band scores for the test. You can practice for around 60 minutes every day; this will build your knowledge bank.

Also, to increase your fluency you can speak English at your home, School, or workplace. Read good magazines, novels, etc., and do journal writing. This will help you build your reading and writing skills. To increase your listening skills, watch English channels, and listen to English podcasts. For students from a non-native-speaking country, these small steps will help them to ace the PTE test in a jiffy.

5. Preparation for the Test-day

Since you are prepared to take the test, it is time to get set for D-day. A few important points to remember for the test day.

  • Before heading to the test center, ensure you have the right documents and ID proof.
  • Reach in time at the center so that you get a good buffer to mentally calm yourself.
  • Before the commencement of the test read the instructions carefully.
  • Keep your answers within the word limit.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time on just a single question.
  • If any spare time is left, make sure you go through the answers.

We hope that the above steps will help you to come out with flying colors in your PTE test. Thus, if you need more support or guidance, you can reach out to popular PTE Classes in Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, and other cities as well.

Prepare well, and good luck!

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