Aftercare tips for Permanent Makeup Treatments

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Aftercare is very important for a person after doing permanent makeup. Like a person is having a prescribed medication to feel better and heal, aftercare is also like that and works for your skin and helps it to get better.

As aftercare is very important after opting for permanent makeup in Washington, there are also some things to keep in mind while doing it. There are different parts of the face where we apply makeup like eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Here are some suggestions for doing aftercare-

Aftercare after applying eyeliner

There can be issues related to the eyes after applying eyeliner. Issues like itching and swollen and tender eyes can be faced by an individual. When you start facing such problems then you should not rub or peel your eyes and should apply an ice pack around it but not more than 10 minutes. It can be very effective within 24 hours.

Permanent makeup Washington also offers aftercare which can be used for 5 days as instructed. These issues started because as eyes are sensory organ that is very sensitive to chemicals, dust particles, hands full of dirt, etc. When aftercare is applied then you should not wear makeup for at least five days.

Aftercare for eyebrows

After applying makeup on eyebrows if any problem persists then you should use the rice kernel offered by permanent makeup in Washington aftercare. It is an ointment that should be applied for five days twice a day on eyebrows. In this case you will face some itching and irritation on brows at the start and will notice redness, swelling around the affected area.

To avoid such irritation, you should keep yourself away from sun, activities like exercise and direct pressure caused by water and should always keep the area fresh and clean. After the treatment avoid scrub or rubbing of the area for two weeks approximately.

Aftercare for full lip after applying lip liner

Before going further with the treatment or aftercare procedure one will feel like she is facing some problem with her lips. The same will be noticed after the treatment like dry lips and swollen lips. After the treatment one can apply lip balms as many times, they feel like for 14 days.

Things one should keep in mind are-

  • Do not rub your lips.
  • Do not peel or scratch your lips or remove the dry part of the lips.
  • Use only water to brush your teeth post 72 hours of the treatment.
  • Avoid oily and acidic type of foods.

There will be some side effects after the aftercare but they will disappear after a short period of time. It is also noticed that some people heal very fast and some take some time because everybody has different capabilities.


One should be very careful while choosing the brand they use or the beauty studio they visit. Like RE: PIGMENT.ME beauty studio & academy only use equipment that is sterile and used only once. They try to maximize the safety of the client and make them feel comfortable as they are at their home.

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