Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty provides its customers with various online resources to assist them with the claims process. Policyholders may always contact a representative over the phone; in addition, an instant online quote tool offers customers cost breakdown information immediately.

Service contracts from this provider offer up to $3,000 of repairs or replacement costs per contract item; although, in practice, this limit may be lower. Customers can purchase nine elective coverage riders to protect more expensive items.


Home warranties can provide a great way to safeguard yourself against costly appliance and system breakdowns, but not all home warranty providers provide equal levels of customer service or quality of coverage. Some offer lengthy workmanship guarantees while others boast ridiculously low rates and coverage limits. Choice stands out by offering average prices while providing 24/7 support with live representatives as well as an expansive list of coverage options.

Homeowners can get a quote for their Choice home warranty policy online or over the phone. Our online quote tool requires basic information about yourself and property in order to select an optimal plan, with optional add-ons that won’t show their price until after making their selections.

Homeowners should be aware that every time they need repair service, an $85 service call fee applies compared to competitors; however, discounts may be given to new customers or those making single annual payments.

Coverage options

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman provides homeowners with various coverage options tailored specifically to their needs, starting at $560 annually and providing an ample financial buffer against emergency appliance or system repairs that would have otherwise come out of pocket. Customers can add nine optional add-ons to further tailor their policies; however, customers should keep in mind this protection does not cover mold or termite removal services.

Choice offers customers two convenient methods of filing claims: via its online account center or phone line, and scheduling an inspection appointment by one of their technicians to assess any issue that might be covered under their policy terms. They’ll notify homeowners if coverage does not apply in such instances.

The company offers two straightforward plans that cover most appliances and systems in the home, as well as add-on options that cover pools/spa/spa heaters/heaters, limited roof leakage coverage, central vacuums, septic systems/well pumps/second refrigerators etc.

Claims process

CHW offers an online claim filing system that is functional but not exceptional. Homeowners can log into their account 24/7 and speak directly with a representative about submitting repair requests or checking on existing ones. Furthermore, its customer service line remains available on major holidays for anyone needing help filing claims or asking about policies.

Choice Home Warranty contracts with over 25,000 service professionals who can assist customers should they experience appliance or system malfunction. Unfortunately, however, BBB complaints have noted potential hiccups in its claims process that could prevent full coverage for pre-existing conditions or worn down items.

CHW’s user agreement also notes that their $3,000 coverage limits for home systems and appliances only apply to repairs requested within a 12-month period. This may discourage some homeowners.

Customer service

Choice Home Warranty provides two straightforward plans. Its user-friendly experience enables customers to obtain quotes and purchase policies online without ever speaking with an agent, while their online customer portal gives policyholders access to their data whenever needed.

Additionally, the company provides 24/7 customer service lines – an especially handy feature for homeowners with questions or needs to cancel their policy. However, some homeowners have reported their payments were taken even after cancelling contracts.

This company boasts that they can dispatch a technician within four hours of receiving a service request, which is faster than some home warranty companies. Unfortunately, however, this turnaround time cannot be guaranteed as problems could arise in finding the appropriate technician or coverage might exceed their scope – something to keep in mind when choosing your home warranty provider.

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