Designer Look Walls to Create Overlooked Spot at your Home

Now say goodbye to the accent walls by adding creative artwork, vintage finds, mixed media, and many more on the way. So, if you are sick or get bored of staring at your stark empty wall, you can infuse it with warmth and personality that will surely help you to create an overlooked spot in your home interior decoration.

Wall art with perfect home décor style offers beautiful décor to your drab walls. It even looks great in every interior scenario, no matter what type of walls you have! 

List of 6 Designer Look Walls to Create Overlooked Spot at your Home

We have rounded up the best 6 designers’ look walls that help you to create an overlooked spot in your home: 

1.  Textural Wall Art

You can use a mix of textures to provide your wall art with added impact and dimensions. Try creating DIY art using woven materials, fabric scraps, and your other favorite textile that you like to showcase on your wall.

At last, simply showcase your artwork in a frame made of wood plexiglass and squares. 

2. Wall Art above Furniture

You can put artwork above your dresser, bed, sofa, buffet, and fireplace to draw extra attention to a piece of furniture. Plan to align the outer edges of the gallery wall with the furniture to fill up the entire space.

3.  Vintage Wall Art

You can even choose inexpensive frames to display your favorite artwork in a budget-friendly fashion. You can browse for wooden frames and customize them with paint. These frames were spruced up with black paint and after that distressed with sandpaper to mix-match the look of the vintage wall art. 

4.  Themed Wall Art

Now dress up your bare space of any room with a variation on a single décor theme or theme like bridge artworks . A collection of artifacts in different frames including your baby’s best dress, seashells, coins collection, and more can draw attention to your dining area and even helps to tie the whole look together. 

5.  Wall Letter Décor

You can go for the typography trend and use words or letters to create artsy arrangements. You can use a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes in your wall art display.

For instance, you can combine art prints of your favorite phrase or word with three-dimensional artifacts. 

6.  Large-Scale Wall Art

A single and large piece of art can be the perfect solution for an entire blank and bare wall. You can even add emphasis to a single wall art piece by installing a decorative chandelier or pendant overhead to make your large wall art stretch its printed fabric around a canvas frame. 


Dress up your bare and blank walls with different variations of wall art themes, check a few options at etsy or   Canvas Art Paintings . Simply pick a motif or subject you love and repeat it in a collection of canvas prints, paintings, and more. You can even pair your large art piece with a collection of smaller paintings to feel more robust.

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