Gorgeous and Stunning Pakistani Tiktoker and Model Zoii Hashmi

Every Actress dreams of becoming famous for their acting skills in the entertainment industry. Zoii Hashmi is one of those actresses that is self-made and made her name in the industry through videos and posts and especially their dressing sense.

Zoi Hashmi is not only a model but also a Pakistani Instagram Creative Content Producer, Video producer, TikTok Star, Social Media Influencer, and Fashion & lifestyle blogger.

Zoii’s acting journey starts with making TikTok videos as her video is trending on social media she got 1M+ followers on Tik Tok. Currently, she is a popular social media influencer.

Zoii’s Lifestyle

Zoii Hashmi

Zoi Hashmi is one of the gorgeous and most stunning Social Media influencers. Started her studies in her Hometown Rawalpindi and later for Higher education she moved to Islamabad.

Later After she completed her graduation from college times she was fully active in the Brands Photoshoot and Commercial TVC.

As we see her on many social media Platforms, she promotes many Brands of Beauty, Clothes, Nutrition, and Electronic Products.

She likes to wear brands like Khadi, GulAhmed, Sapphire, Bareeze, AlKaram, Nishat Linen, and Sana Safinaz

Zoii Hashmi Feets

Zoii Hashmi’s feet are well known by every fan. She Has Gorgeous and Candid feet. We see in her videos of doing pedicures and manicures, she gives special attention to her feet. Zoii Hashmi Feet is attractive and stunning. She’s wearing a 7.5 US Size and brands they like to wear are J. Stylo, ECS, Clive, Borjan, ALDO, and Almas. She got her pedicure at Faiza’s Saloon Specially and took good feet pampering.

Zoii Hashmi Feet rating is 7.3 According to wiki feet that really gonna freak out the audience because her feet deserve approx 9.9

Zoii Hashmi Feet
Zoii Hashmi Feet

Zoii’s Shoes Collection

Zoii Hashmi got a wide range of heels Sandals and pumps collection. They like to wear brands especially

  1. Stylo
  2. Almas
  3. ECS
  4. Clive
  5. Bata
  6. Metro
  7. Borjan
  8. ALDO

She also has a variety of JOGGERS Collection especially wearing them while doing exercises and in the GYM

Is Zoii Hashmi Married?

One of the most frequently asked questions by many fans is that is Zoii Hashmi really married or not. So Simply the answer is no she is still single and enjoys a really happy life with her family

Let’s Get to know more About Zoii’s Life

Zoii Hashmi

She was born in Rawalpindi 12th of May. She was always a starling child in her family. As soon as her videos get viral get got into notice by many brands and started doing PR for many cosmetics brands

She’s health-conscious and almost 5.5 feet in height and has a candid skin tone. She likes to travel and shop and has a creative mind for producing creative content through the Tik Tok Platform

Zoii’s Career

Zoii Hashmi

Zoii’s Career started with Video creating on Tik Tok and Instagram. As her video get trending on youtube they got Paid Promotions and PR from many brands

She’s also involved in many brands Lawn Shoot. Especially for bridal for Asim Jofaa and Satrangi. She also

Is Zoii Hashmi Working in any drama Serial or Season?

Zoii Hashmi not working in any drama serial right now and maybe we see her in the future in many projects on TVC and Fashion Couture Week

Zoii’s Loves and Hate

  1. Zoii’s Loves Travelling
  2. Zoii’s Loves Cooking
  3. Zoii Loves watching Seasons, especially Netflix
  4. Zoii’s Loves Eating
  5. Zoii Loves friends and Social Gathering
  6. Zoii’s Loves Shopping
  7. Zoii Loves self-care
  8. Zoii Loves Listening to songs
  9. Zoii’s Hates Longs feet Nails
  10. Zoii’s Hates Dirty Feet
  11. Zoii Hates politics

Zoii Hashmi Dressing

she’s like to wear Western and Desi also. She’s showing some special attention towards brands especially Alkaram and Sana Safinaz. She also posts some pics wearing saree looking gorgeous and hot that Justify their sense of dressing.

She’s like light makeup and a pleasant fragrance and like straight hair

Zoii Western Dressing

Zoii Western Dressing
Zoii Western Dressing

Zoii’s western Dressing includes

  1. Jacket
  2. Narrow Bottom Jeans
  3. Long Sweater
  4. Chain
  5. Eyeglasses
  6. Dark RED Lipstick
  7. Black Body Warmer
  8. Casual Shoes
  9. Payal

Zoii Desi/Cultural Dressing

Zoii Desi/Cultural Dressing
Zoii Desi/Cultural Dressing

Zoii Desi/Cultural Dressing includes

  1. Purple Shalwar
  2. Purple Kameez
  3. Khussa
  4. Mascara
  5. Purple Dupatta
  6. Purple Nail Polish
  7. Dark Pink Lipstick
  8. Hair Pony Tail

Zoii’s Indian Dressing

Zoii’s Indian Dressing

Zoii Indian Dressing includes

  1. Black Saree
  2. Black Blouse
  3. Bare Feet
  4. White Nail Polish
  5. Red Lipstick
  6. Mascara
  7. Long Tops
  8. Bracelet
  9. Rings

Some Unknown & Interesting Facts About Zoii Hashmi

  1. Zoii Loves pet
  2. Zoi Hashmi started making Tiktok videos during her college days.
  3. Zoi Hashmi’s leaked video recently went viral on social media.
  4. Loves Dancing
  5. Loves Feet
Zoii Hashmi Feet

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