Lip Blushing: A technique to enhance your Lip

Do you want to make your lips look plush and fuller?

Lip blushing is the technique you can opt for. Just like eyebrow microblading, lip blushing technique is also gaining popularity. It is a semi-permanent method of enhancing the look of the lip via tattooing. This method is perfect for those who want the illusion of fuller lips. However many people use cosmetic products to plump their lips but they are temporary. A lip blush tattoo is a semi-permanent method and lasts longer than cosmetic products. You can find a lot of clinics offering lip blushing in Livonia. 

If you are new to this method keep reading this article to learn about this new method.

What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing is similar to the tattoo technique categorized under permanent makeup. Coloured ink is applied on the lips of the client to give them a deeper and more natural-looking shade. Lip blushing gives a nice shape and colour to the lip to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, you are not required to put any colour or cosmetic product on the top. The lip fillers used in this technique are made up of hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in our skin. This gel is injected into the lip area of the person looking to enhance the look. Lip blushing technique creates an illusion of plum lips without adding any volume.

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent method thus it lasts for about two years. However, this timeline may vary from person to person. Smoking, excessive exposure to the sun and the use of harmful chemicals may lead to quick colour fading. Moreover, there are chances that you need to get this treatment or corrections done at regular intervals.

It’s a kind of semi-permanent tattoo thus it is hard to reverse the result in case you are not happy with the results.

The procedure of Lip blushing

In lip blushing a needle with a tiny blade is used to deposit ink in a particular area of the lip by cutting into the skin. Layers of colours are added as per the requirement.

Lip blushing is done by a professional tattoo artist who has the license to get these things done. You may or may not experience any pain during the process even when the process is manual. During the process, temporary anesthesia is given to numb the lips while the technician draws the shape of the lip you want. The amount of ink deposition depends on the colour or shape you want. The whole procedure takes almost one hour to get completed. You might experience swelling, redness and bruising after the process. However, you can use a cold compress or ice to reduce the swelling.

There are chances of infections but it’s very rare and depends on the sensitivity of the skin. Also, ensure to follow all the aftercare procedures for safety and desired results.

Wrap up-

Lip blushing is a popular lip enhancement technique preferred by many women to give their lips a better shape and colour. However, before going for the lip blushing make sure you are well aware of its pros and cons. There are multiple clinics providing Lip Blushing in Livonia. Eyeconic lashes and Brows are offering the best lip-blushing services in the town. If you want to know more you can get consultations with their professionals.

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