Reasons why international students choose to study in Denmark 

Denmark, a Scandinavian nation in Northern Europe, is becoming more and more well-liked among international students as a promising study location. Denmark is also the world’s leading country in green technology as it is dedicated to Sustainability and Security.
Let’s have a look at the reasons why international students are opting to study in Denmark, often ranked as the world’s happiest country.

Perks of Studying in Denmark

• Affordable Cost of Study

The fact that tuition is relatively affordable in Denmark compared to other countries of the continent is one of the finest and easiest things for students who study there. The annual tuition fees for full-degree students are between 12,000 to 15,000 Euros Cost of study may vary depending on the university and program. Denmark’s cheapest degree start with EUR 6000 per year, making it more inexpensive than the other European countries.

• High-Ranked Universities

Denmark’s universities preserve the Danish Educational System and have achieved recognition for providing degrees that are accepted across the world. There are 5 Danish universities in the world’s top 300 as per QS World University Rankings 2022. These top 5 universities are:
o University of Copenhagen
o Technical University of Denmark
o Aarhus University
o University of Southern Denmark
o Aalborg University

• Wide Course Selection

Denmark’s universities offer over 200 master’s degrees in several fields such as Technology, Business, Economics, and Humanities, among many others. You can select a course from these fields as per your eligibility and skills.

• Scholarships for International Students

Students are awarded scholarships on merit basis. You can also apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program if you have good English proficiency and excellent background. This is applicable to students under the Masters and Doctorate levels in which all the expenses are funded by the European Union for both European and Non-European students. These scholarships are full-time and cover monthly allowance, participation costs, traveling and insurance cost of the students.

• Simple Visa Process

Denmark has an easy visa process for international students and students. If you are applying for a program for less than 3 months you need to apply for a tourist visa and for those studying for a course longer than 3 months need to apply for a residence permit. With this permit non-EU students can also work part time in for maximum 20 hours per week in Denmark.

• Communication in English

In Denmark, 70 percent of the population communicates in English. As English is the most widely spoken language on the planet, this makes it simple for international students to adjust to their new surroundings.

• Umpteen Career Opportunities

Besides the part time work opportunities international students can also work full time once their degree is completed. After completing the course, you will receive a six-months job search visa which will be extended based on your work permit.

Universities also help the students in getting internships post-studies. The job is also made permanent if the student shows the right Skill Sets and Knowledge for the job.

• Low Crime Rate and Better Healthcare System

An additional benefit to studying here is the safe environment of this country. As the crime rate is very low and the citizens are friendly it will become easy for you to adjust and gel up with other people in this foreign country. Besides one of the best things about Denmark is that the healthcare system is very feasible and affordable.
Hope this article was helpful in placing Denmark in your study abroad list. It is definitely one of the best european countries to study in the Northern European region. We assure you will have some of the best experiences of your life while studying here.

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