Rick Simpson Oil RSO for Cancer

Some evidence supports the compound’s use in cancer therapy. In 2012 I accidentally stumbled upon the movie “Run from the Cure” on YouTube. I was very skeptical when I initially heard that cannabis could cure cancer. Like everyone, I assumed that if there was a cure for cancer it wouldn’t be kept quiet.

The idea of “whole plant medicine”- utilizing the full spectrum of therapeutic compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes cannabis has to offer – is what makes RSO stand out from other oils. Whole plant extracts deliver the most powerful entourage effect. RSO is not for smoking, but can be used as a topical or ingested orally. It is dark in color and often administered via an oral syringe or used in capsules.

QWISO, or Quick Wash ISOpropyl, is a solvent-based extraction method for making concentrates. The only difference between RSO and QWISO is the original extraction method for RSO used naphtha instead of isopropyl. In fact, the recipe for RSO on Rick Simpson’s website is actually a QWISO recipe. If you make RSO using isopropyl alcohol, you are making a QWISO concentrate, sometimes called isopropyl hash oil QWISO hash oil.

Rick Simpson Oil is a full spectrum extract of cannabis oil is. It is a highly concentrated cannabis oil that contains all compounds from the cannabis plant in the extraction. It is also commonly known as Buy rick simpson oil , named after Rick Simpson who developed the product that helped cure his skin cancer. RSO has been reported to be used to treat a variety of debilitating conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer and epilepsy.

LePow Extracts is the premier cannabis extraction and infusion brand based in Denver, Colorado. We focus on producing small-batch, full-spectrum concentrates and edibles for medical patients and recreational consumers in Colorado. Our management team began working in the Colorado medical cannabis industry in 2009 and has focused on growing high-quality, organic cannabis for our patients ever since. We believe that medicine should be clean, whole-plant, and affordable. Another older study also explored the use of cannabis oil in a child with a specific cancer. She was terminally ill and had no success with standard treatment.

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