Scalp micropigmentaion [SMP]: Solution for balding hair

Who wouldn’t worry about a balding head, thinning hair, or severe hair loss? Is surgery the only way to get back to the best form? Don’t worry. The advancement in the beauty industry has ensured that one can opt for non-invasive ways and yet get the desired results. There are instant and effective solutions. 

Hair loss and thinning hair are issues faced by people irrespective of gender. This also takes a hit on the confidence level. A procedure named scalp micropigmentation (SMP)is ensuring that this problem is tackled.

What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

It is a non-invasive, semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates the illusion of existing dense hair follicles over the head. Inscribing tiny micro-dots around the scalp or in between thinning hair such that it blends with the natural hair, is an effective way to mask bald areas or thinning patches of scalp hair.

These can be said to be micro scalp tattoos to fill the bare surface of the scalp. A pigment matching the natural color of the hair is used to give the impression of a fuller scalp of hair. It is manually done with great details using a tool. 

Things to know before going opt for the Best Smp Service Rose Bay:

  • Doesn’t aid hair growth: one should keep in mind that this process in no way is to aid hair growth. It is similar to tattooing and aims to mask your scalp to give it the appearance of a head full of dense hair follicles. It also doesn’t affect the growth of existing hair strands and just complements them. 
  • Long-lasting: The pigment is smudge-proof and doesn’t wear off easily. Again depending on the metabolism, body types, and immune system the longevity of it is influenced. Proper care and maintenance will also ensure the long life of this tattoo. You may need touch-ups to ensure long-lasting results. 
  • Can be tailored: The pigments are used to match the existing follicles so they will naturally blend with the hair follicles. The intensity of the balding area, and thinning area patches will determine how many dots need to be inscribed to give you a natural look.
  • Numbing chemical: The procedure is made easier by applying a numbing chemical over the scalp to alleviate pain. Following a few steps like avoiding caffeine can make the process smooth. It can usually take a few hours since it’s a detailed and intensive process.
  • Can be removed: the tattooing need not stick to your head all your life. You can get it removed by using lasers. Lasers break down the pigment wearing it off. 

Final Overview

A range of solutions is available today for hair loss, balding scalp, and thinning hair. Some of them can be terrifying because of the involvement of surgery. For folks, looking for an instant yet effective solutionscalp micropigmentationwill be a wise option. With minimal pain and distress, this cosmetic procedure enhances the appearance of your scalp.

The falling graph of confidence and self-esteem can be restored. You don’t need to wake up every day thinking about ways to cover your head. The detailed work ensures that it gives you natural-looking hair. It has become one of the most sought-after quick solutions. You can reach out to experts like for the best smp service in Rose Bay.

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