Study Abroad Scholarships: A Basic Guide

Studying abroad is one of the gates that open to great opportunities leading towards a successful career, but it also comes with a lot of expenses. However, to aid the cost of studying abroad for international students, there are numerous scholarships offered by the government, education providers, and some private organizations globally.

Indeed, scholarships are a boon for international students. There are different types of scholarships that are partially funded, and some are even fully funded based on different categories. But how do you apply for them?

This article will help you understand the basic process of how to get scholarships to study abroad and to be pre-prepared to avail them easily. So, stay put and read further.

Type of Scholarships

Before diving into the procedure of applying for a scholarship to study abroad let us understand their types.

  • Merit/Excellence-based Scholarships: International students can avail of such scholarships if they have excelled in their academics, sports, or any other extra-curricular activities. However, the eligibility for these types of scholarships might vary depending on the providers.
  • Subject-Based Scholarships: These types of scholarships are particularly for some courses or fields of study. However, international students who have opted for that specific subject are only eligible.  
  • University-Based Scholarships: Many universities aid international students financially by offering fully or partially funded scholarships based on merit or excellence in extracurricular activities.
  • Program-Based Scholarships: These are offered by the education providers depending on the academic achievement of the students. The eligibility criteria for different scholarships may vary accordingly.
  • Country-Based Scholarships: There are numerous scholarships that are country-specific. For example, some scholarships are only for students from the US or India or any other depending on which country the students belong to.  

Since you are acquainted with the types of scholarships, now it is time to gather the basic documents that you will need before applying for a scholarship.

Basic Documents for Scholarship Applications

Below are some of the basic documents for a successful application that are required to apply for a scholarship to study abroad.

  • Original and Legitimate Academic Transcripts  
  • Essay
  • Updated Resume
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Valid Passport
  • Acceptance Letter from a University
  • Letter of Recommendation

After ticking the checklist of your documents, it is time to follow some basic steps to avail a scholarship.

Simple Steps to Follow

Step 1: Thorough research is required to avail of a scholarship. Since you are now aware of different types of scholarships, visit the official website of your preferred university and the country.

Step 2: Check for your eligibility, it is important to meet the eligibility criteria. No matter how good your application is if you do not meet even a single criterion, your application will not be considered.

Step 3: Before preparing your essay understand the requirements of the scholarships asked by the providers. Write a tailored and unique essay, it increases the chance of consideration of your application.

Step 4: Double-check all your documents and application before submitting it and ensure there are no grammatical errors in your essay or any incorrect information.

Step 5: Submit your application and be patient, the process might take time.

Summing Up

We hope this article was helpful, to save your time and make the process hassle-free, you can reach out to the top study abroad consultants in India. They will help you find the perfect scholarship for you according to your eligibility. Wish you all the very best.

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