Study in Finland – A Study Destination with Incredible Student Cities

Finland is a country that is also known as the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’ and is located in the northern part of Europe. This country is ranked as one of the world’s safest, most stable, and happiest countries. Looking at these aspects it’ll be a great option to pick Finland as a study destination for international students.

Moreover, the country is popular for its prestigious universities and remarkable education system. It is of the best countries to study abroad, home to diverse cultures, and is a hub for excellent career prospects. Apart from new learning and encouraging experiences, the country will give you an exciting environment to dwell in.

If you wish to Study in Finland, this article will help you to get acquainted with the best student cities. So, stay glued.

Incredible Student Cities in Finland

  1. Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. This makes it home to business hubs and tourist attractions. The city is lively and cosmopolitan with a miscellaneous range of places to visit. The Finnish capital has many world-class museums, galleries, and much more.

There are ample reasons to study in Helsinki and one of them is the number of popular world-class universities and colleges. These educational institutions offer a wide range of courses to international students. Moreover, this city is quite pocket friendly and can fit your budget easily.

UniversitiesPopular Programs
Metropolia University of Applied ScienceBachelor of Health Care – NursingMBA in Business InformaticsMEng in Information Technology – Medical TechnologyMaster’s degree in Health Care
Haaga-Helia University of Applied SciencesBachelor of Business Administration – International BusinessBachelor of Sports Studies – Sports Coaching and Management
  • Tampere

Tampere is in southern Finland. It is one of the most popular islands in the Nordic countries. This alluring city is wedged between two lakes and is sometimes called the ‘Manchester of Finland’. There are many prestigious universities that attract several international students every year. They have an excellent core academic curriculum, also post-study the students get hands-on with many professional opportunities. Thus, Tampere a country in Finland can be a great option to Study in Europe.

UniversitiesPopular Programs
Tampere University        Bachelor’s in Sustainable Urban Development- Administrative SciencesBachelor’s in Science and Engineering- Natural Sciences and MathematicsMaster of Science in Sustainable ArchitectureMaster of Science in Environmental Engineering
  • Turku

Turku is one of the most popular cities in terms of abroad education. It is a welcoming place that offers a lot in terms of academics and ethnicity to international students. Turku is located in the southwest of Finland. It is a great city for international students. It is safe, welcoming, and has a lot to offer in terms of academics and culture. The city is home to excellent universities, and they are significant for its research prospects. Moreover, the universities offer a wide range of English-taught programs, which stops the language to be a barrier.

UniversitiesPopular Programs
University of Turku                                    Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical ImagingMaster’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences: Drug Discovery and DevelopmentMaster’s Degree Programme in Human NeuroscienceMaster’s Degree Programme in Education and Learning

Finland is a growing economy that is opening doors to many work opportunities for international students. Thus, studying in any of these cities mentioned in this article can be a great option. And, if you want better guidance there are many global educational consultants online just a click away. They will guide you throughout the process and will help you fly to your dream university, good luck!

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