The Benefits of Video Games We Should Know

While many people focus on the educational benefits of video games, there are other, less obvious benefits. For instance, playing action games can help children improve their focus, develop their hand-eye coordination, and help them become better learners. Even the American Psychological Association is now studying the positive effects of playing these games. Despite these negative side effects, it is clear that video games are good for you. In fact, there are many benefits of playing them.

Several research studies have found that video gameplay is beneficial for young people’s brain development. A study published in Science Advances found that high video game usage was associated with improved academic performance and fewer relationship problems with peers. The results of the study were promising for a number of reasons. For instance, video games can be used to improve hand-eye coordination in adults. In addition to helping children learn about various subjects, they can also help them stay healthy by reducing stress and anxiety.

Video games can improve your vision

One study conducted on male students found that these students were able to distinguish objects even in crowded environments. The results suggest that playing these games can increase the spatial resolution, which helps the brain see more details and recognize more objects in cluttered spaces. As a result, gamers are more successful and have higher academic achievement. They also develop social skills, which is another benefit of playing video games.

Some research shows that kids who play video games show a higher level of intellectual performance in school. They also have fewer relationship problems with their peers. In fact, the study concluded that “most” boys played violent video games. In another study, a third of the boys played a game for more than a month.

Can improve your relationship with others

Besides improving cognition and memory, video games can improve your relationships with others. According to a study published in the American Journal of Play, high levels of video game usage are linked with better relationships with peers. Additionally, gaming has been shown to improve a child’s social skills and make them more likely to succeed in school. It also promotes a positive sense of well-being in a child. There are several other benefits of playing video games.

Good for social skills

Some studies have suggested that playing video games improves the ability to understand and apply rules. In other studies, male students who played first-person action games improved their spatial resolution. This training enables them to observe small details. In turn, this improves their social skills. Further, video games are useful in therapy, too. They can help the development of the brain. These advantages are not limited to improving their mental skills. These games can even help people improve their health.

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