The Three Best Metals To Scrap In Marietta

All metals are valuable and usually priced based on their availability and purity. Metal scrappers around the world make good money scrapping metal. Some people Scrap metal Marietta and earn good money, and the metal scrapping is done haphazardly. By following some correct procedures, one who Scrap metal Conyers can earn good money and make metal scrapping worthwhile. A category of metals can earn you the most money; in fact, metal scrappers worldwide make more money selling these specific metals. These metals are generally categorized as non-ferrous metals. The non-ferrous metals are purchased for anywhere between $0.3 to $2 per pound. People who reliable Scrap metal in Marietta or who Scrap metal Conyers can earn an extra $100 per month if they spend their time wisely and search areas with a high chance of non-ferrous metals.

Metals, as we know, are very heavy. Without much effort, you will realize you have scrapped so much metal, just collecting metal lying here and there. The common non-ferrous metals are copper, Aluminium, and brass. By focusing on these three types of metals, you can earn some extra dollars and spend your time scrapping wisely.


Aluminium, as we know, it is one of the most common types of non-ferrous metal. Aluminium can be found almost anywhere. Soda cans, parts of automobiles, bicycles, household appliances, etc., are made from aluminium. Some people who Scrap metal Marietta usually spend their time scrapping valuable metals like aluminium. There are many other benefits of scrapping aluminium. Aluminium is quickly melted down and can be reused indefinitely. This makes for an environment-friendly metal. New aluminum products take a considerable amount of energy to be created. By scrapping metals like aluminium, you save 90% of the energy required to make new aluminium products.

The Average Price of Aluminium

The rate of aluminium changes daily, but on average, it should give you around $0.30 per pound. This makes aluminium scrapping an easy way to earn some extra cash simply because of how accessible it is.


The next non-ferrous metal we are going to discuss is brass. Unlike aluminium, finding brass is tricky. This makes it one of the most rewarding metals to scrap. Some household items contain brass. These items include bed frames, serving trays, brass faucets, door handles, and lamps. Brass can be broadly categorized into two types. The brass we were discussing is called yellow brass. This yellow brass can also be found in various plumbing materials and pipes. There is red brass as well. Red brass contains some percentage of copper in it. The recycling companies will pay those who Scrap metal Conyers, who scrap red brass, good money, which is more than that of yellow brass.

The Average Price of Brass

As discussed above, red brass can be more profitable than yellow brass. On average, the recycling companies will pay you around $1.50 per pound. Make sure you keep it clean. No plastic, rubber, or steel is attached to it. The following metal that can be extremely valuable is copper.


Copper is in high demand in the scrap yards, and recycling companies will pay you more when you find copper. You can usually find copper in copper utensils, glasses, door knobs, etc. It is generally used in industries. Almost every industry that requires metal uses copper. The unique properties of copper make it completely recyclable, and you can recycle it as often as you want. It is reused to drive motors, construction materials, industrial machinery, and many more. There are mainly three types of copper that are recycled. Grade two copper is the third most valuable copper. These are found in pipes, solder, coating, unalloyed wires, etc. To meet the copper #2 grade, the copper must not be insulated or be thinner than 1/16 inch in diameter. Copper #1 is the second most valuable copper. This is usually found in bus bars, clippings, commutator segments, etc. The most valuable copper is called bare copper. This is 99%, pure copper. It is also hard to find.


You can scrap these three metals and earn some extra cash. Make your scrapping worth your time by scrapping these metals. You can research a bit and find the best buyer to give you good money for your metals.

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