The Top Benefits of Becoming a Study Abroad Recruitment Partner in India

In recent times, a surge in the number of Indian students moving to study abroad has been witnessed. This significant growth in numbers has made India a top sender for leading destinations, like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The growth in student mobility is estimated to double up by 2024 to reach up to 1.8 million students. Furthermore, it is estimated that the total spending on overseas education is forecast at between US$75-US$85 billion by 2024.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for students. Considering the growth in this sector, the demand for study abroad recruitment partner has rapidly increased. A recruitment partner plays a crucial role in assisting students with the application process and other necessary services.

As the demand for study abroad programs is on the rise, one of the easiest ways to start an overseas education business is by becoming a study abroad partner. Here are the top benefits of becoming a study abroad recruitment partner in India.

Top Benefits of Becoming a Study Abroad Recruitment Partner

  1. Opportunity for High Earnings with Low Investments

The first benefit of becoming a study abroad recruitment partner is that it provides opportunities for high earnings with low investments. The set-up cost for study abroad partners is significantly lower than taking a franchise or starting a consultancy. As a study abroad recruitment partner, you have the potential to earn an attractive percentage commission without investing much.

2. Provides Scope to Expand Your Network

As a study abroad recruitment partner, you can collaborate with multiple overseas education consultancies. This provides scope to expand your network with fellow consultants. The expansion of the network also opens opportunities for other partnerships and collaborations.

3. Enhances Your Skills

An international student agent needs to have certain skills and excellent communication to be able to understand the needs and aspirations of students. You would also need to have in-depth knowledge of the education system. Stepping in as a student recruiter will help you develop and enhance your skills in different areas.

4. Gains Guidance and Support from an Established Player

Another benefit of becoming a study abroad partner is that you get the advantage of the experience of an established player. Being new to the industry, you might require guidance and support to understand the dynamics of this industry. This guidance and support can be taken from the consultancy you decide to partner with.

5. Partnering Saves Your Time and Resources

Overseas business requires establishing tie-ups with colleges and universities. This is a time taking process and requires a lot of resources as well. When you opt for partnering, you save a lot of your time and resources.

If you want to become a study abroad recruiter, then now is the right time to get started. Look out for a leading and well-established study abroad consultancy in India and associate with them.

These are some of the top benefits of becoming a study abroad recruitment partner. On a concluding note, becoming a study abroad recruitment partner in India can be a lucrative and rewarding career option. This career offers opportunities for earning a high income, network building, skills enhancement and supporting students to achieve their dreams.

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