Things to know before trying Microblading.

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo that enhances your eyebrows, helping them look bigger and fuller than usual. It is majorly done through pigmentation and is a kind of permanent makeup technique, which will last not less than 3 to 5 years.

While the technique is on the rise and the web searches for microblading Portland Maine have increased considerably in the recent past, there are indeed a few things you are expected to remember before you get done with the procedure.

  1. It is like a tattoo but still different

Microblading is like a tattoo but the needle used in the procedure is comparatively thinner. Professionals will usually follow the same procedure and the pain experienced from the procedure is also the same.

Tattoo needles are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin while microblading needles are still gentler. The pigmentation through microblading is obtained in such a way that it disappears in a span of 3 years, unlike tattoos.

  • Different results for different skin types

The same type of procedure will not necessarily have the same results on two different people. While drier skin types are known to have effective results. The experts will guide you through the procedure and will provide the best technique suiting your skin type. Hair growth of any type is not affected due to microblading.

  • Choose a good professional

It is extremely important to get your microblading done by the right professional. They must be experienced and should adhere to all the norms and safety measures. They must also guide you through the procedure without imposing the choice on you.

Various professionals will charge you different fees and it is completely normal. Remember to invest wisely as an artist can make or mar your look in totality. Look for some Microblading Portland Maine surgeons who are experts in this field.

  • Healing and aftercare are equally important

The procedure can leave behind a few scars and can swell your eyelids to a considerable extent. It is necessary to incorporate the right healing procedure and aftercare in order to avoid allergies or any sort of discomfort. Talk to experts and avoid all the activities that they restrict you from undertaking.

Avoid heat and direct sun exposure right after the treatment. Healing can take up to a month. Clients are often suggested to use genuine and right cosmetic products after microblading.

  • It is not for everyone

Microblading is not for everyone. Skin types are secondary, but your physical condition at a given time remains a primary concern. Pregnant ladies or those undergoing chemotherapy cannot get their eyelids microbladed. It could be dangerous and could result in further discomfort and allergies or sorts.


Microblading has its pros and cons. There is nothing wrong with the procedure. Do not fall prey to all the rumors and public opinions. Get the treatment if you wish to, but be sure to visit experts like Maine Brow and Lash. They are among the top rated in Microblading Portland Maine and are highly trusted for their services.

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