Tips for purchasing bridal dresses online

Indian weddings are known to have a lot of color and flair to them. The preparations for D-day start about 6 months before the wedding. Bridal shopping takes a lot of time because, in some weddings, the bridal family decides to twin in terms of colors or designs.

Here are some points to note about Indian weddings:

  • Most Indian brides begin their wedding dresses shopping about 6 months or 1 year in advance after the venue and the date is finalized.
  • In this internet era, a lot of brides prefer Pinterest and a lot of other platforms to get ideas about the dresses they would like to wear.
  • Lately, a lot of people have started looking for dresses online. To compensate for this, a lot of known brands have started an online presence to bring in a sense of familiarity for those who choose online shopping.
  • At a lot of weddings, a large budget is allocated to the wedding dresses.
  • In a lot of families, they consider a themed wedding.

Keeping the above points in mind, it is important to look for the right shops to buy from. You can always google “Indian bridal dresses online”, but just doing this will result in a lot of results. Here are some points to consider when purchasing wedding dresses online:

  • Body type: When purchasing dresses online, the images shown may not be accurate. It is important to keep in mind your body type to select those dresses that go well with your body type.
  • Marketplace: Preferably purchase dresses from websites that are commonly used by the masses. These websites have return policies that make it easy for you to avail a refund on the occasion that the dresses do not fit.
  • Brands: Preferably purchase brands that have been used before or are common in the type of dresses you are looking for. This way, it becomes easier for you to filter down your choices and you might find the styles you are looking for easily.
  • Reviews: Seller reviews are an important factor to keep in mind while purchasing these dresses. These dresses are expensive, so make sure you go through the reviews to understand if the fitting is proper or if the seller has delivered the right products, or if the seller has a bad rating.
  • Fabric: When purchasing dresses online, they will have mentioned the type of fabric in the product description. Make sure you go through the fabric type once before making a purchase.
  • Price tags: Typically dresses that are of very cheap prices would be a scam. Make sure you double-check the prices while purchasing dresses online.
  • Customization: A lot of websites offer certain levels of customization. You can make use of these to customize your dresses as per your requirement.


There are a lot of Indian bridal dresses online. But, one needs to review the pros and cons of online shopping and also keep in mind the points discussed above. House of Kalra has a variety of collections for any design that you have in mind. They also have a clear-cut return/exchange policy that makes it easier for you to decide on what to purchase.

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