Tips to move antique and valuable without damaging them

Art, painting, and antiques are something that enthralls us, fascinates us, and above all, compels us to think about the past and the situation with which people have to deal. These great pieces of art make our home and office a place to work and create a classy environment. Now a question arises: How will you move your great art pieces without damaging them? The moving of art and valuable antiques and heirlooms is a very delicate job. Sometimes it becomes more complex than you thought. Items like mirrors, framed and unframed art, fine art, canvas art, family heirloom, family photos, collectibles, Porcelain, and glass items are some materials that need great care. Don’t worry. Here are some tips we have stolen from expert and affordable movers in Lawrenceville. Read and use them so you can safely relocate your antiques and preserve them for many years.

Evaluate the worth of your antique

Get an expert to evaluate your antiques. Even if you are not interested in selling them, knowing their value is useful when you have to file a claim for loss or damages.

Secure the antique with insurance

Even if you follow all the advice experts give during packing and moving your antiques, you might do a good job of ensuring their safety. But it would help if you still secured insurance to cover the loss or damage of your antiques.

Make an inventory of your items

Even though a perfect inventory takes a lot of time to jot down, an inventory helps you and your packing people and will also save time from tracking down the pieces when it’s time to unpack your boxes.

Clean your items before packing

Antiques should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth, maintaining their beauty and luster. Before packing, clean the antique and remove all the dust on the surface.

Label all items for reassembly later

For ease, while unpacking, pack the disassembled items in one box. This also helps in avoiding any cases of misplaced nuts and bolts.

Never wrap plastic directly over old wooden furniture

Plastic traps moisture, which causes damage to your furniture. Thus, cover wooden furniture with moving blankets first, then add a layer of air-filled plastic.

Protect antiques with 3 layers of protection

No matter what type of antique you’re packing, cover the antiques with 3 layers of protection. The first layer protects the surface of the antique, and the second form a cushion absorbing the shocks. The third layer of sturdy paper or cardboard is provided for the extra layer of protection.

Wrap small breakable items individually

Plates and cups should be wrapped individually with glassine, bubble wrap, and paper. Fill the space to prevent the items from moving and breaking.

Use the right-sized box

If the boxes are too small, there is a risk of the box ripping apart. If the boxes are too big, more padding is required to prevent the items from moving in the box and breaking.

Use corner protectors

It’s important to protect the corners and edges of mirrors and glass items since they are more prone to damage. Use cardboard to wrap the edges, add a layer of bubble wrap, and tape the corners and edges securely.

For collectible books and magazines, use mylar bags

We all know mylar bags are used to increase the shelf life of food, but these can also be used in packing books and magazines to protect them from the effects of oxygen, moisture, and light.

Pack empty spaces with as much padding as possible

Crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam chips can be fillers. This adds another layer of cushioning, absorbing the shock between the antique and the box.

Use aids to move heavy boxes

To hasten to move, never drag heavy boxes; this will not make your move fast and will also damage the box along with your back. To get the move done faster, use the right moving tool.

Pack and move valuable items yourself

Don’t risk losing extremely valuable items like pieces of jewelry or coins. So pack and move these high-value items by yourself.

Take your time

Spend a few days packing your items. Set aside a few days to create an inventory, buy your packing materials, and pack the antiques carefully.


It is difficult to find a perfect antique piece and more difficult to preserve its quality. The best moving company in Atlanta ensures proper management and care of antique pieces. We expect the same care and affection from movers. Professional movers Lawrenceville has a decade of experience handling fine arts and antiques. They help in the preparation of valuable items for shipping and storing so that they can safely reach their destination.

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