Top housing societies in Pakistan

Housing societies are a great way to get ahead in life. They offer excellent living conditions and a sense of community, all while saving on rent. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best housing societies in Pakistan for 2017.

The housing societies in Pakistan are an excellent option for those who want to live in a secure and quiet environment. The following are some of the best housing societies in Pakistan.

1. The Serena Society: The Serena Society is one of the best housing societies in Pakistan because it offers a safe and secure environment. The society is also located in a beautiful area of Karachi.

2. The Residence: The Residence is another great housing society because it is located in a quiet and peaceful area of Karachi. The society also offers excellent amenities, such as a gym, spa, and swimming pool.

3. The Imperial Heights: The Imperial Heights is another great housing society because it offers an excellent location and wonderful amenities. The society also has a nice pool and gymnasium.

4. Oakwood: Oakwood is a great housing society because it offers excellent amenities, such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, and tennis court. Additionally, the society is located in a very safe area of Karachi.

Housing societies in Pakistan: Types of housing societies

There are a variety of housing societies in Pakistan, each with its own unique features. Here is a look at the three most common types of housing societies in Pakistan:

1. Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS): A CHS is a type of housing society that is owned and operated by its members. Members share in the profits and responsibilities of the society. CHS’s provide affordable and quality homes for their members. They are popular among people who want to live in a community, but don’t have the money to buy a home outright.

2. Private Housing Societies (PHSs): PHSs are privately owned and operated housing societies. They were popular during the 1960s and 1970s, but have since lost popularity due to increasing prices and decreasing availability of affordable homes. PHSs offer high-end properties that can cost up to five million rupees (US$73,000).

3. Social Housing Societies (SHS): SHS are government-owned and operated housing societies that were first established in the 1960s. They provide low-cost, quality homes for low-income families. SHS’s are popular among people who want to live near their work

How do housing societies work?

Housing societies are a great way to get into the property market in Pakistan. They are very popular, especially in Karachi and Lahore. There are many different types of housing societies, but all of them work a bit differently.

First, you need to join a society. This is usually done by paying an initiation fee and then monthly dues. Once you are a member, you can start looking for properties.

The process of finding a property is usually very easy. Most housing societies have listings online or in their newspaper. You can also ask around and look for advertisements.

Once you find a property that you want, you need to go to the housing society office and apply for membership. The officer will need to see your ID and proof of income. After you are approved, you can start negotiating the price with the seller.

What are the benefits of living in a housing society?

Housing societies offer their members a number of benefits that can make living in them an attractive proposition. These can include:

– A sense of community and socialisation: Many housing societies are based on a co-operative principle, which means that members are all responsible for each other’s welfare and there is a strong sense of community among residents. This can be a great way to meet new people and build relationships, as well as provide support when needed.

– Constant security: Most housing societies are managed by professional organisations who take care of the property and keep it in good condition. This means that residents never have to worry about safety issues – whether they’re locking their doors at night or keeping their windows closed during the day.

– A variety of amenities: Many housing societies offer their residents a range of amenities, including pools, gyms, tennis courts and other sports facilities. This can give residents plenty to do on weekends and holidays, as well as making their lives easier during the week.

Advantages of joining a housing society

Housing societies are an excellent way to obtain affordable housing. They typically offer a number of advantages over buying individual properties, including: they are often more spacious and well-maintained, they are often located in desirable areas, and they provide members with access to a number of amenities (such as pools, gardens, and gym facilities). Additionally, many housing societies offer their members special discounts on homes and other services.

How much does it cost to join a housing society?

Housing societies have become one of the most popular methods of acquiring property in Pakistan. Despite being relatively new, they have quickly gained a strong following among people looking for an affordable and reliable way to buy a home. Here we take a look at the costs associated with membership of some of Pakistan’s top housing societies.

The Most Affordable Housing Society in Pakistan

If you’re looking for an affordable housing society that is still reliable, then your best bet is likely to be the Al-Youm Housing Society. The society charges an annual membership fee of Rs 10,000, which gives you access to its extensive range of properties. While it may not be the cheapest option out there, it’s certainly one of the most affordable ones.

The Most Expensive Housing Society in Pakistan

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, then you’ll want to check out the Amanat Hussain Khan Society. This society charges an annual membership fee of Rs 150,000, which gives you access to its range of properties across all categories. While this may seem like a high fee, it’s worth considering how much value you’ll get in return.

What to consider when opting for a housing society

When looking to purchase a home in Pakistan, there are a few things you should consider. Here are some tips:

-Location: One of the most important factors to consider is the location of the housing society. Make sure to research the area and find one that is convenient for you.

-Number of Units: Another important factor to consider is the number of units available. This will determine how much space you will have and whether or not you will be able to find a home that meets your needs.

-Eligibility: Be sure to check if the housing society is eligible for your financial situation. Some societies only accept members who have a certain income level, so be sure to inquire about eligibility before making a purchase.

Types of housing societies

There are a few types of housing societies in Pakistan. The first type is the katchi abadis, which are small villages that have been turned into housing societies. These societies are usually for military personnel and their families. The second type is the qasba, which are large villages that have been divided into smaller villages. These societies are usually for civilians and their families. There is also a third type of society, known as the madrassa complex, which is made up of several buildings that all share a courtyard. These complexes are usually for students and their families.

Advantages of housing societies

Housing societies are an excellent way to get into a home with little money down. They usually come with a monthly payment plan, and you can usually buy in bulk which reduces the price per unit. Besides, many housing societies offer features such as pool, gym, and playground that cannot be found in regular apartment complexes.

The downside of housing societies is that they often come with strict rules and regulations. This can make it difficult to live in them if you don’t fit into their lifestyle or if you want to make any changes. Additionally, the units can be small and dated, so if you’re looking for something spacious, this might not be the option for you.

Disadvantages of housing societies

Housing societies are one of the most popular and convenient ways to live in Pakistan. They offer many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. Here are four of the most common ones:

1. Hefty membership fees: Many housing societies charge hefty membership fees, which can be a major financial burden for people who aren’t wealthy.

2. Limited space: Housing societies are often limited in the number of apartments they offer, so it can be difficult to find a place to live if you’re not already affiliated with one.

3. Long waiting periods: It can take a long time to get an apartment through a housing society, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for a place to live quickly.

4. Limited privacy: Apartments in housing societies are often shared by many different members, which means you don’t have much privacy.

Blue world city housing society

The Blue World City Housing Society is one of the most luxurious and expensive societies in Pakistan. It has well-maintained gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and a business center. The society offers a number of amenities that make it an ideal place to live such as a 24-hour security system and a movie theater. Blue world city Islamabad one of the most demanding project now days in Pakistan. If you would like to book a plot please contact us at Lead Marketing.


If you are looking for a peaceful and secure place to call home, then consider investing in one of the top housing societies in Pakistan. These societies offer an excellent quality of life with all the amenities you could want, as well as security and peace of mind that comes with living in a gated community. Take a look at some of the best housing societies in Pakistan below and see if they fit your needs.

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