Eyebrows play a major role in defining our faces and our expressions. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique to form micro blades of hair on the eyebrows to give it a richer look. By using this technique, the eyebrows get a fuller look. Many people have thin and light eyebrows. In order to correct this situation and make a face more expressive, microblading is the best option to consider.

Microblading classes in Michigan get to the core of this technique and make sure they teach this to every interested applicant. The technician will start the microblading procedure once a person has discussed how much dense the eyebrows should be. This segment will explain how microblading works. The procedure starts as follows –

  • Drawing a superficial line on the periphery of the eyebrow, just to be sure of the place where the technician will place the micro blades.
  • To numb the area, they apply some numbing cream on the eyebrows.
  • Then dip their tool in the pigment for some time and start forming small strokes with it so that it resembles actual eyebrow hair.
  • The pigment will be smeared all over the eyebrow once the strokes are done.
  • The pigment will be removed, leaving behind pigmented and fuller eyebrows.

Microblading classes in Michigan train people in this amazing technique to give the customers the desired results. In this section, we will further discuss some benefits that microblading allows an individual to have.


Some people tend to experience an inferiority complex due to their eyebrow shape or size. They sit in front of the mirror for a lot of time and still can’t manage to get the proper shape of their eyebrows.They feel a lot more confident after undergoing the technique of microblading,


This technique offers amazing results without the pain sensations. The technician applies numbing cream, which blocks the pain sensations. Having a painless treatment is the dream that everyone wishes to come true.


It is one of the safest techniques for achieving fuller brows as compared to others. Provided the technician performing this taskis very well trained like the ones in microblading classes in Michigan. Then the whole process is completed efficiently and with full accuracy, as desired by the customer.


Those who make their eyebrow shape using a brow pencil know what struggle it actually holds. Sometimes you have to go out urgently, without having that buffer period, to quickly make those eyebrows look good using a pencil. For those individuals, this technique is so relieving as they save that time.

If you’re thinking of trying the microblading technique, be sure to approach Face Forward by Kat, as they have expert professionals dealing with many customers on a daily basis to provide the best assistance.

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