6 Ways To Prevent Plumbing Disaster

Do you know which part of our house we take the most for granted? It’s the area of the plumbing system. The irony is that we rely on it for household chores and manage personal hygiene but never consider its repair facilities. The plumbing issues range from minor to catastrophic and may cause significant damage to the home if they are not fixed properly. A small leak or crack may cause a large plumber disaster; that’s why Beall Plumbing Services of Pittsburgh have some of the best plumbers around your locality, like Butler plumbing experts. Here are some tips and hacks that will help you prevent plumbing disasters.

Following are the ways to prevent a plumbing disaster:

1. Flood Prevention:

You should ensure that everyone in your home knows about the main water shutoff valve. This knowledge will help you in emergencies and prevent flooding and severe property damage. Make sure that the table should be well labeled and easily accessible. Ensure the water supply is shut off during vacation and renovation. Rubber washers wear down over time. This wear can be prevented by shutting off the main water valve.

2. Keep Sewer lines Clean: 

 According to professional plumbers, the major expensive plumber disasters are Sewer lines and Septic tanks. Hiring licensed plumbers will help you to clear out the sewage line and pump your septic tank once every 3-5 years. This will help the system to run smoothly and prevent messy sewage backups.

3. Softening Of Water: 

We all are unaware that hard water contains a high mineral content which can significantly reduce the life span of any plumbing system or service. Magnesium and Calcium are elements in hard water that corrode the pipes and cause a clog; thus, water pressure is increased. Licensed Sewickley plumbing specialists suggest some temporary solutions that will minimize the effect of hard water, but the only permanent solution is the installation of the water softener.

4. Repairment Of Problem Early:

 If you ever find any sort of leak, then don’t let it languish at your bottom do-to list until some more significant problem forces you into action. We all know that appearances are deceptive in similarity, and sometimes the severity of issues is deceptive. A small faucet leak can be a reason for mold growth and later can cause the pipe to corrode. Beall Plumbing Services of Pittsburgh suggests you take care of these severe issues, which will help prevent more extensive and damaging issues.

5. Prevent Clogging: 

 Have you wondered how a minor clog can severely affect your plumbing system? So, what does it take to prevent such significant issues? Well, the answer is pretty simple! Educating yourself with essential drain maintenance will keep your drains free from debris so that there will be no harmful pressure on your pipes. Taking care of your drains means clearing out visible debris every couple of weeks and being mindful about what goes down the drain.

6. Drain Cleaners: 

This is something that everyone must keep an eye on. Drain cleaners may be an attractive way to fix a clogged drain, but they are massive havoc on your plumbing system and are highly toxic, which can be harmful to death. So promise yourself that you will clean the drains with your hand instead of a chemical drain cleaner!


Some other hacks are detecting leaks, shutting off water suppliers, and many more. All these hacks will help reduce your investment cost and conserve water for future use.

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