Benefits of studying abroad through a study abroad consultancy

When one plans to study abroad, there are a plethora of questions that need to be addressed. “Which country should I be studying in, which course or program should I be applying for, how much would studying abroad cost me?” are some of the common questions that students look to address. One can always think, research and plan about the probabilities in one’s psyche, but then one needs an expert opinion and assistance to manage the affairs more prudently and adequately.

But the question arises, most importantly, why do we need top overseas education consultants after all?

So, let us get to know why you should be applying for higher education through a study abroad consultancy.

Benefits of applying for Higher Education through a Study Abroad Consultancy

  • Counselling for course, country, and university selection: Study abroad consultancies guide you to choose the ideal course, university and country that matches perfectly with your career, academic, and budget preferences. Counselling helps you have a clearer vision regarding your career prospects and assists you in making decisive career-oriented decisions, taking into account all your aspirations.
  •  Application assistance: Another benefit of applying for higher education through a study abroad consultancy is that you are assisted with your application. They enable you to choose the right intake, apply on time and smartly in courses and universities that you are a right fit for, and receive admits quickly. Many leading study abroad consultancies offer real-time application tracking and follow-through with universities.
  • Guidance for scholarships and internships: The study abroad consultancies guide you in identifying and applying for the ones you are eligible for. Not only do they share inputs on the Government or University-specific scholarships timely, but also guide ‘how’ to apply for study abroad scholarships and assist with scholarship essays as well. Study abroad consultancies also offer guidance for paid or unpaid internships.
  • Educational loans: Another benefit that some of the study abroad consultants offer is assistance with educational loans and hassle-free documentation processes. They also guide you with financial structuring to suit your university. Throughout the entire process, study abroad consultants remain available to answer questions, provide updates, and offer ongoing support until the loan is secured.
  • Visa Processing: Study abroad consultancies possess skilled visa experts, who help you prepare and present your visa documents to the respective Embassies and High Commissions so as to ensure successful visa outcomes in minimal time. They have visa success ratios across all countries and assist students with mock visa interviews.
  • Allied services: To make the process easier for the students, and have a successful study abroad experience, the study abroad consultancies assist students with accommodation choices, remittance process, education loan, and Forex as well. Pre-departure briefing is provided to students for better facilitation and understanding.

Therefore, study abroad consultancies should be your go-to place, when it comes to pursuing higher education, for the sheer number of benefits that they offer. Right from the counselling and course selection to accommodation and visa assistance, the student is supported with all required assistance aspects.

So, what are you waiting for? Think higher education, think study abroad consultancies!

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