Why Showering Before Bath, a Good Idea?

There has been enough of the shower vs. bath debate. Whether you are fond of showering or love taking a bath, there is no denying that taking a bath can be relaxing and rejuvenating. There is nothing that can feel more luxurious than reading a book or sipping a glass of wine while sitting in a bathtub. Perhaps, sharing a double ended bath with your partner can make your bath time even more enjoyable. But one thing that makes most people concerned is that a bath means sitting in your own sweat. Is it really a thing to be worried about? What do experts have to say about it? Let’s discuss

Does Bath Mean Sit in Your Own Dirt?

When you are in a bathtub, everything on the skin naturally ends in the bathwater. Every one of us has hundreds of thousands of microorganisms living on our skin. These may also include bacteria, fungi, and many other types. So, when you get rid of dead skin cells, these are all mixed up into the water you are sitting in. That means you are bathing in the water-filled with your own flora that lives on your body. It may feel overwhelming, but it should not cause any health issues. No one should be worried about it, nor it will cause any infection. 

However, there is an exception. If you have an open wound or cut on the skin, then there is the risk that any of such organisms living on your skin may enter into the bloodstream and cause infection. It may be even more problematic if you are sitting in a double-ended bathtub with your partner. So, sharing a bath may transfer diseases in such as well. You are protected from such germs as the skin provides a strong barrier to protect you from these microbes. 

And it is not the only problem that you may get from having a bath. Sharing a double-ended bath or sitting in it alone may be the cause of the problem for people with skin diseases. For example, if you have eczema, then having a bath can cause significant health-related issues. It is because sitting in bathtub water will prevent oils and microbes from our skins from being rinsed off. Some people with sensitive skin may feel itchy, have rashes or acne after a bath. 

Dermatologists recommend that you should choose the soap carefully. Many people use harsh products that are full of various types of fragrances in a double ended bathtub to take their sensual bath experience to a whole new level. Which may not be a good idea. In addition, using bubble soaps and bath bombs increase some people’s allergic reaction or dermatitis. Therefore, you should not prolong your time in a bath in case you are using such products. 

So, What’s The Best Way to Enjoy Your Time in a Double Ended Bathtub?

It may seem gross, but you may still enjoy your time in a double-ended Shower bath by following a few practices. Dermatologists and health experts agree that sitting in bathwater filled with your own sweat and microbes is not going to cause any health problems. However, you may get a problem with other microbes that grow on the bathtub surface. If you don’t clean your bathtub regularly, a thin layer of macrobian may accumulate on the inner side. You can feel it by touching the surface that feels oily and sometimes turns in pink. Once you sit in the bathtub with it, the buildup of harmful bacteria and fungi may attach to your skin and cause significant health-related problems. 

However, it is not difficult to avoid such problems. You should always make sure that your bathtub is fully clean before using it. You can use any disinfect and rub the surface to eliminate any such build-up you cannot see with naked eyes. 

Even if you use a shower while in the bathtub, you may still need to clean the bath as germs may still attach to your foot and create skin problems. 

 Is Taking a Shower Before or After Bath a Good Idea

Experts suggest having a quick rinse-off before and after you take a bath can be a good way to prevent any skin or health-related problems. It becomes even more important if you are living with multiple people who share the bathroom and use the same bathtub. However, that does not mean you should not keep the bathtub clean and follow other hygiene-related practices. Moreover, you much not sit in a bath too long as it will make your skin drier and make it prone to various skin conditions. The suggested time for the bath is less than 15 minutes to avoid overdoing it. 

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