Charter your Path to Success by Pursuing Study Masters in Ireland

Ireland, located in the north-western of Europe the country has a long and rich history. The country is not only popular for its rugged landscape, Irish Gaelic language, and adorns but also for its excellent education system. With its captivating beauty and welcoming atmosphere, Ireland is one of the most sought-after study destinations among international students. There are numerous course options offered by the educational institutions in Ireland, but choosing masters in management to study in this country can be a stepping stone to a successful career.

If you are intrigued about Study Masters in Ireland, considering management studies can be a promising option for you to transform your journey filled with personal and professional growth. In this article, we will explore the academic excellence of Irish universities, different types of courses, cost to study, and more about studying master’s in management in Ireland. So, stay glued and we delve deeper.

Why Choose Ireland to Study master’s in management?

1. Academic Excellence

    Ireland is home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities and colleges, renowned for their academic brilliance and cutting-edge research. There are 2 Irish educational institutions that rank among the top 200 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. Pursuing a master’s in management in Ireland is more than receiving just a degree, it helps you in overall development in the personal and professional panorama. For a better understanding below we have mentioned some of the popular universities and colleges for masters in management in Ireland.  

    • Trinity College Dublin
    • University College Dublin
    • Dublin City University
    • University College Cork
    • University of Limerick
    • University of Galway
    • National College of Ireland

    2. Diverse Course Offerings

    The universities in Ireland offer a wide range of courses in master’s in management, allowing international students to choose a specialization that aligns with their career goals. Whether it’s strategic management, international business, entrepreneurship, or finance, you’ll find a program tailored to your interests. To give you a clear idea, below we have mentioned some of the popular ones.

    • International Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Management Consultancy
    • Entrepreneurship Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Accounting & Finance Management

    3. Post-Study Work Opportunity

    As per the Global Innovation Index, Ireland ranks 22nd among the 132 economies. The country offers numerous post-study work opportunities. After completing your master’s in management, you can apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme, which allows you to work in Ireland for up to 24 months and the maximum permit validity is up to 8 years. This can boost your career on a different scale.

    4. Cost to Study Masters in Management

    There are numerous top universities in Ireland that offer different specializations in masters in management, but high-quality education comes with a price tag on it. The tuition fee for this course varies depending on the educational institution and the specializations you choose. To give you an estimation the fee ranges from EUR 15,000 to EUR 22,000. Additionally, it is also important to note the cost of living which includes accommodation, food, transport, and other miscellaneous expenses, the average monthly cost is around EUR 1,000. This cost may vary depending on the location and the lifestyle of the student.

    5. Scholarships Opportunities

    There are numerous scholarships and student grants available for international aspirants pursuing masters in management in Ireland, offered by the Government of Ireland, Irish education providers, and various organizations. Every scholarship has its own unique eligibility and requirements. One of the popular examples – Trinity Business School Scholarships offering funding to eligible students up to €10,000 per year.    

    Summing Up

    Pursuing masters degree in management in Ireland can open gates to numerous career opportunities leading to a successful professional life. So, if you are considering studying in Ireland reach out to the top global educational consultants for more updates and insights. Good luck.

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