Effective Best SEO Audit Services: define your objectives and measures

Content strategy is today recognized as one of the most effective methods in inbound marketing. Its sharing, the quality provided to its customers, and its gentle prospecting allow you to rank in the first results on Google SERP. However, for it to be effective for the best seo audit services of a site, it regularly requires an SEO content audit.

For Google to link your website and its proposals during Internet users’ searches (queries), there is only one method: adopt its language, that is, Search Engine Optimization or natural SEO.

Whether it is about the content of your website (blog articles, page texts, etc.), technical SEO optimization (loading times, etc.), or even after a Google update, it is important to have a continuous improvement plan. This is where affordable seo audit services come into play. It will allow you to have good referencing in search engines, thanks to continuous corrections and avenues for improvement to your site. It also helps with the adoption of Google algorithm updates.

Let’s see together in this article how to carry out an effective SEO content audit

A best seo audit services is an analysis that allows you to complete a diagnosis of your site’s existing content. It includes technical data (code, structure), SEO, and ergonomics (navigation, user experience, loading time, and mobile-friendly).

In 2020, 92% of all internet searches were done on Google. And 75% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of the search engine. Enough to make improving your SEO a priority.

For an effective SEO content audit, knowing your goals and needs is important.

This will allow you to target the actions to be implemented: rework the SEO of your web pages and your blog articles, further target your ideal client to attract more qualified traffic, or even increase the conversion rate (prospect/client).

Content inventory

To begin the SEO audit of your site, we offer free seo audit service you to list in the form of an Excel table, for example, all the pages of your site: about, home page, blog, services, etc.

Indicate all the important data:

keywords or long tail,

Permalink of the page (URL),

Internal linking (or internal links) and external links,

relevance of the content,

 the news,

 ast update,


 the presence of tags (meta-description, etc.)

 the structure of Hn titles,

 image optimization, etc.

Software exists to carry out this listing more automatically.

Use our webmaster checklist to list the most important SEO points!

Data collection and analysis

Once this basic table has been created, you can complete it with more in-depth Google SEO data accessible through Google Analytics.

Thus, you will be able to collect the following information:

positioning on Google about the chosen keywords or queries, problems on the page or its indexing, the bounce rate (percentage indicating the number of Internet users leaving your site after just visiting one page), traffic: number of users over a month (or a given period), and number of sessions, the duration of the session (time spent by each Internet user on average on your site), the conversion rate. It represents the percentage of prospects who take action: subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, etc.

Analyzing all this information will tell you that each page of your site is positioned on the right keyword. And the associated semantics are quite well worked out. Are you attracting enough customers? And the good ones?

Implementing a natural referencing strategy is a paid marketing method in the long term (unlike more punctual SEA paid referencing). For this, only quality content must be favored to improve the SEO of websites.

Implement an action plan

Once this assessment has been made, we will have to take action. This is the goal of an effective SEO content audit.

To do this, you will have to classify each content of your table 

Content to archive

 the content is useless to achieve your objectives,

 the news is outdated

Content to delete

 the text or page does not contribute anything to the site,

 it is duplicate content

 this text does not generate the desired traffic

Content to be updated

certain data needs to be modified with new dates

 updated links,

 an article to be rewritten…

Content to be reworked

SEO needs to be reviewed

SEO needs to be improved

there are no images or media content

 links are missing

In an SEO content audit, it is important to prioritize the actions to be implemented.

Focus first on blog articles, for example, which will allow you to generate qualified traffic or position your site effectively in a Google search.

Or even work on the responsiveness of your site (mobile accessibility) if you have noted that this is your weak point. Note that 60% of Google searches in 2020 were carried out on mobile phones.

Effective SEO content audit: analyze actions and readjust

The SEO content audit of your site has been carried out. The first actions have been put in place to increase the notoriety and popularity of your site in search engine results.

But SEO optimization doesn’t stop there for an effective SEO content audit.

From now on, tracking the improvements made and analyzing the numerical data on the results pages is essential.

Follow the evolution of traffic or your positioning on Google every week (or month).

This will allow you to readjust your work if the expected returns are not there to improve the positioning of your URLs.

SEO on your website is a long-term job requiring ongoing monitoring and investment. On average, a blog article, for example, takes six months to position itself in the first pages after its publication. Depending on the keywords chosen (competition, etc.), this can be faster or take a year.

Do you want to delegate this part of the affordable seo audit services? Have a precise analysis of the existing situation, areas for improvement, and actions to be implemented for greater efficiency. It is possible to contact our teams for a free seo audit service.

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