Organic seo company: What does SEO support consist of?

You are a professional (VSE, SME, ETI, large company, etc.), and you are facing a major problem: your website receives no visitors – or very few.

The cause? You are not sufficiently visible on search engines, especially on Google. Maybe even worse, your site is simply not indexed.

Result? No one visits your site. You cannot generate new leads or attract new customers with your offer.

Your goal? Generate traffic sustainably and naturally. Organic seo company is the solution you need.

SEO support is a global service in which a consultant or a specialized agency like organic seo company supports you in developing your natural referencing strategy.

This model should not be confused with SEO coaching, which is very different. SEO support aims to guide your company in implementing actions intended to improve the positioning of organic seo company and, therefore:

  • Help strengthen the notoriety of your business on the internet
  • Generate traffic and new customers
  • Benefit from a long-term, sustainable strategy

Why should you get support?

Avoid errors that could neglect your natural referencing.

At first glance, SEO may seem simple. Indeed, certain actions to improve the web referencing of your site can be carried out by you. But this is not enough, and certain techniques, if poorly used, can go so far as to make your site invisible on the internet.

Non-indexable pages, spammy off page seo link building, overoptimization of anchors, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, poor management of .htaccess…, errors are numerous, and the consequences can range from wasting your SEO potential to Google penalties.

SEO support is there to prevent you from making these mistakes.

Benefit from proven expertise

You are specialized in a very specific field of activity. Nothing to say: you are a real specialist. Your sector has no secrets for you!

The principle is the same with an SEO agency. SEOs are experts in the field. In addition to their know-how, they have a whole range of tools and techniques that they know how to implement at the right time to increase your site’s visibility naturally.

Have the necessary monitoring and optimization tools.

When working on SEO, tools are necessary for monitoring the positions of your pages, searching for new keywords, and analyzing your competitors…The list is long for Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Neil Patel, Your Text Guru, etc..

Setting up and activating a good natural SEO strategy for your project is impossible without such tools. Often expensive, SEO support helps you, in part, to save on your financial and human capital (training) by avoiding investing in web referencing tools.

With SEO support, the agency handling your service already has its toolbox that it masters to perfection. At least, that’s the case with ORGANIC SEO COMPANY.

The organic seo company method: a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at generating new customers

No two SEO support is the same. Each strategy, each site, and each sector of activity is different. But the end goal never changes. Natural referencing must and will allow you to generate more traffic and, consequently, new customers.

But achieving results doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It requires complete SEO support, tailor-made and adapted to your project. This support is what we offer at ORGANIC SEO COMPANY.

Audit and implementation of the strategy

SEO support cannot occur without an upstream technical and semantic audit. Whether it is a partial or total overhaul or support from the creation of the site, this task, as delicate as it is, is essential to identify and measure the actions to be carried out to improve the SEO of your company on Google and other search engines.

SEO Optimization (Off page seo link building – On-Site Optimization, Content Creation)

Once the audit has been carried out, we carry out the missions intended for referencing your site. They are divided into three fields of action:

  • Off page seo link building: research and acquisition of backlinks (incoming links) + monitoring of the link-building strategy
  • Monitoring and technical optimization on site: internal networking, page level management, indexing monitoring, etc.
  • Content creation: keyword research, preparation of briefs, writing of SEO-optimized content, rewriting existing content if necessary…

From making contact to monitoring your project, organic seo company offers you 360° SEO support. Based on relationships and obtaining results, we favor exchanges and discussions to maintain a relationship of trust on your side and better understand your goals, your market, and your visibility objectives on the internet.

Develop your business thanks to natural.
The cornerstones of digital marketing success are auditing and implementing a carefully crafted strategy. These two interconnected phases form a dynamic loop that propels businesses towards their goals.
The audit serves as a reflection of your digital landscape, allowing you to see it. This is akin to taking stock of assets, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and identifying opportunities. You can fine-tune your strategy more agile by doing an in-depth analysis. It’s important to recognize the strengths you have and use them fully. After you have audited your online presence, the implementation phase is natural. Your newly acquired knowledge can drive engagement and create meaningful connections.
Second, it is in the implementation phase that the rubber hits the road. This is the stage where strategies become actions, like a sculptor who meticulously works on a piece of sculpture, chiseling off the unwanted bits to reveal the masterpiece inside. The implementation phase is when creativity meets systematic planning, and the theoretical becomes real. This phase demands diligence and flexibility. This is where you will see the fruits of your labors as your online brand message and presence become more compelling and appealing to your audience. The audit is the setting, while the implementation brings your strategy to life, allowing your business to achieve its digital goals. Together, these two dynamic forces are responsible for the digital success of businesses today.

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