Men’s long sleeve polo shirts are back in trend- Here’s why!

The fashion industry changes rapidly every day. Everybody wants to look good with the recent trends and keep knowledge of what people consider cool for the time being. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the change. But some styles have been there for a long time and are still worn by many. One such style is the best men’s long sleeve polo shirts.

The classic polo shirt, also known as the tennis shirt, has been around for a long time. It used to have short sleeves mostly but the long sleeves attracted people too. Soon they were used by golf players too which added to the popularity of the polo shirt at the time. The men’s long sleeve polo shirts are back in trend for many reasons. Some of those reasons are-

  1. Antiquity

What is a polo shirt? A polo shirt is typically a t-shirt with a collar and a few buttons. They were designed for the polo players in India around 1859 and were also worn by players in Great Britain by the 1920s. Their authenticity and history is a reason for their fame and hype.

  1. Authentic making

Polo shirts are knitted with cotton mostly. This makes them really comfortable to wear. The Marcella knitting style is highly common when it comes to polo shirts. The material being cotton and the knitting style is a great combination as it stretches according to the body type. Polo shirts are the best if you want to show off how much time you have been spending in the gym.

  1. Influential celebrities

The comfort that polo shirts provide is liked by huge celebrities who have millions of followers. When these celebrities decide to flaunt the best men’s long sleeve polo shirts they influence their followers to try it.

This influences many people to buy the polo shirts and show it off and promote it further in their friend circles because of the comfort and coolness. Influential celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have worn polo shirts on various occasions and increased the hype even further.


The trends change in the blink of an eye nowadays. But polo shirts have been around for a long time and are still trending because of their making and the comfort they deliver. It makes them easy to wear and look stylish and cool at the same time.

They are compatible with any other clothing. One can pull off a polo shirt with a pair of jeans or chinos or even just normal joggers. As they are made of cotton they are best for any weather condition and easy to maintain. Its stretchy nature is great to flaunt your body.

They can also be bought online from trusted sites like who provide best quality clothing with great deals. They have a huge variety of clothing and many top brands. You can find the best men’s long sleeve polo shirts there.

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