What makes Versace Perfume so special?

Versace! The name with a history of daring fashion. Since its founding by Gianna Versace in 1978, the brand has effortlessly made a statement with everything they have brought to the world of haute couture. In 1981, the brand introduced its line of perfumes, bringing confidence and elegance to all its customers.

More than a perfume, Versace fragrances are a carefully crafted experience of scents. They take you on a journey of aromas from around the world while staying true to their Greek roots. Although Versace originally had women in mind while curating their perfumes, the brand now has a wide range of fragrances for men.

Best fragrances for her

The best-selling perfume among the ladies is the Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette Spray. You can’t go wrong with this fragrance. It is your everyday floral scent with a hint of freshness to it. A definite show-stealer in a Versace perfume sale, I’d say.

  • Top notes: Ice accord, Pomegranate, Japanese yuzu.
  • Heart notes: Peony, Lotus, and Magnolia.
  • Base notes: Acajou wood, Amber, Musk.

Inspired by the God of love, Versace Eros Pour Femme takes the second spot. This seductively refreshing fragrance adds a pop to your personality. It may not be an everyday scent, but it’s sure to put you in the limelight.

  • Top notes: Pomegranate, Lemon, Bergamot.
  • Heart notes: Lemon blossom, Peony, Jasmine sambac absolute.
  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Ambrox, Musk.

Another absolute favourite in the Versace line is the Yellow Diamond For Women. This fragrance is pretty much summer in a bottle. The citrus-y notes work well in an office setting and a flirtatious evening.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, Pear.
  • Heart notes: Water lily, Mimosa, Orange blossom, Freesia.
  • Base notes: Paolo Santo, Amberwood, Musk.

Best fragrances for Him

A definite show-stopper for men in every other Versace perfume sale is the Versace Eros Flame for Men. This fragrance is the definition of sugar, spice and everything extra nice! Eros Flame brings out and lets you embrace the passionate man in you.

  • Top notes: Lemon, Chinotto, Mandarin orange, Rosemary, Pepper.
  • Heart notes: Geranium, Rose, and Pepperwood.
  • Base notes: Texas cedar, Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka bean, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss. 

A great everyday fragrance to look out for is the Dylan Blue Pour Homme. Derived from Mediterranean shores, this perfume leaves you smelling sporty and fresh.

  • Top notes: Aquatic notes, Calabrian bergamot, Grapefruit, Fig leaf.
  • Heart notes: Ambrox, Papyrus, Patchouli, Black pepper.
  • Base notes: Frankincense, Saffron, Musk, Tonka bean.

Finally, we have Versace Pour Homme. This fragrance is a classic win. It is a clean and crisp scent, perfect for every occasion.

  • Top notes: Lemon, Neroli, Bergamot.
  • Heart notes: Geranium, Hyacinth, Clary sage, Cedarwood.
  • Base notes: Mineral Amber, Musk, Oud, Tonka bean.

Final Overview

Versace perfume sale is the best way to get your hands on all these fragrances at a better price, and The Perfume Box lets you avail fragrances of top brands at discounted rates. But why Versace, you ask? Versace is not just a brand. It is one of the major driving forces of tomorrow’s fashion. Their fragrances are not just curated to make you smell good but to let you feel sexy and elegant at the same time. The catchy packaging plays around with luxury and fashion, which is what Versace represents. Smell good, feel good.

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